The Courtyard

The Relais Antica Villa Verona is located inside an historical courtyard built on a promontory watching over both Valpollicella and Val d’Adige. Villa del Corno Alto was, originally, a rural courtyard, possibly dating to the Middle Ages, that at the beginning of the XVII century was owned by Gian Giacomo d’Arco who built the villa and the private adjacent chapel dedicated to the Apostle Saint Giacomo, which can be still admired today.
The Courtyard is composed of the Villa, with its characteristic style attributed to the architect Sanmicheli of Verona; the Pigeon Tower, originally used to breed pigeons which at the beginning of the sixteenth century was modified by adding two wide Renaissance-style portals; The Barchessa used to cover the farm carts and other tools; the Rusticale, initially used as peasants’ accommodation, and lastly the Private Chapel dedicated to the Apostle Saint Giovanni.
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Via Giovanni Battista Dalla Riva, 5
37139 - Verona, (VR)


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